“Goodbye” is also “Hello!” (Ministry Shift)

Hello Friends! Recently, I watched a tiny sparrow fly back and forth attempting to escape from what must have felt very frightening.  He found himself inside the screened porch of …

Bringing Light & Living Water

“Arise, Lord! Lift up your hand, O God. Do not forget the helpless.”(Psalm 10: 12)
We are grateful for our many volunteers who leave the comfort of their homes for kingdom building.

“Going With God” Toolkit for Short-Term Volunteers

Going With God:  A Short-Term Mission Team Leader’s Tool Kit is an in-depth, easy to use training toolkit to help STM leaders prepare, and guide their teams before, during and after the trip.

Resources for Short-Term Mission

Here are some pertinent resources and forms you may need to complete once you have initiated contact with the Short-Term Mission team, and completed the Initial Questionnaire. Please call the STM office at 610-768-2168 or email  with any questions.

Missionary Support Information

International Ministries provides its missionaries, global consultants, and development workers with a living allowance, benefits, and ministry funds which enable them to live and serve as God has called them. 

Appointment Categories

Categories for appointment as International Ministries missionaries and development workers