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Posted on June 21, 2019 “Goodbye” is also “Hello!” (Ministry Shift)

Hello Friends!

Recently, I watched a tiny sparrow fly back and forth attempting to escape from what must have felt very frightening.  He found himself inside the screened porch of the house in which I’ve been staying Stateside in Charlotte, NC. His little buddy clung anxiously to the screen from the other side. I sneaked out and opened the screen door then stood back and waited for him to fly right out. But he didn’t. He continued in the same back and forth pattern for nearly 20 minutes not noticing his escape route was just 5 feet away. I thought, “Wow aren’t we often like that as humans, we get comfortable in a pattern or frozen in fear and don’t see what God is attempting to do right around the corner.”

I’ve imagined how Mary must have felt when she learned she was pregnant with Jesus before joining with her to-be husband. Her “Hello” to the world I believe began with a similar anxiety of that little sparrow. Further yet, Jesus’ “First Hello” was just as uncertain.  As a young couple filled with fear searched for a safe place to rest and eventually deliver Him.  “Hellos” open doors for opportunity and an end to life, moments or patterns that once existed. Often quite unsettling.

Ministry Change

After being Stateside since April 1st for medical follow-up, I’m now preparing to return to Ghana after having received an “all-clear.” This pending I keep an eye on staying healthy. I also learned that this ministry would change. Moving from direct service of providing counseling to the rescued girls at the Baptist Vocational Training Centre (BVTC) to Education and Advocacy. Granted, I didn’t see this shift coming. Yet, HE did!

This 2nd Phase of the ministry works around some of the challenges experienced in the field and builds upon the 2 ½ years of working up close and in-person with the rescued girls.  While learning and witnessing the detrimental effects of the human rights abuses prevalent within the Trokosi practice.

Building and Re-Aligning

By leveraging the collaborative efforts built since ministry start in 2016 with the Ghana Baptist Convention and other NGO’s, including the US Embassy, this ministry will now look to address the components that have allowed the atrocities within Trokosi to continue in the developing country of Ghana.

Saying “Goodbye” is rarely easy. Sometimes saying “Hello” is just as difficult. But staying in an ineffective flying pattern is even worse.

Don’t Forget How to Fly

That sparrow finally made it out the screen door. I’m glad he decided to do something different. Hate to think of what could’ve happened if he hadn’t.

Friends, we are doing something different. This 2nd Phase shifts the existing “flying pattern” and gives way to pursue longer standing change. The stopping of girls being abused, denied schooling and enslaved.

Thank you for continuing to fly with me and this ministry!

Sincere Thanks!


• Continue to pray for this ministry, the girls of BVTC, all the girls still experiencing degrading treatment
• The effectiveness of the new ministry and its presence in changing and healing the injured.

• Continued prayer for the Leadership of Ghana Baptist Convention and Baptist Vocational Training Centre as they continue to develop self-sustainable programs

• Keep spreading the word for the need of support; both tangible and intangible.
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