Donor Advised Funds

Donate to International Ministries through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs).

Your generous support helps us spread the gospel to countries around the world and proclaim God’s love to all people, meeting human needs through sustainable ministries. One efficient way to contribute to God’s mission through International Ministries is through Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). IM donors can recommend a grant DIRECTLY in just 3 clicks. Here’s how you can make a difference using DAFs via Chariot.

Benefits of DAFs

Immediate Tax Reduction

Receive a tax deduction when you contribute to your DAF.


Recommend grants to charities of your choice at any time.


Funds can grow tax-free, increasing your potential charitable impact.

Can I support International Ministries through my DAF?

DAFs are specialized accounts designed for charitable giving. DAFs are an excellent way to manage your charitable donations efficiently. Your support through DAFs helps us sustain and expand our programs, bringing God’s hope and transformational love to communities in need across the globe. You can recommend a grant from your DAF to International Ministries, ensuring your donation supports our mission. Donate to International Ministries through your DAF today.

Ready to Give?

Thank you for your generosity! For more information or assistance, please email us.