Posted on September 6, 2017 “Going With God” Toolkit for Short-Term Volunteers
Going With God:  A Short-Term Mission Team Leader’s Tool Kit is an in-depth, easy to use training toolkit to help STM leaders prepare, and guide their teams before, during and after the trip.  The information, exercises, and case studies included in the kit are based on the experiences and advice of missionaries, host country partners, experienced STM leaders, and mission leaders from around the world.   This is a newly updated, revised, and redesigned version of a previous short-term mission resource.  We believe it will make an incredible difference in your short-term mission partnership experiences.
Below is a description and a sample session to download for each of the three components of the toolkit.
Part One: Pre Trip:
Get Ready: How to Prepare Your Short-Term Mission Team – a dynamic, interactive training program with sections on spiritual growth, team-building, cross-cultural ministry skills, language learning, and logistics.  This part touches upon the who, what, when, where and how of planning a trip including topics on team building, cultural differences, conflict management, cross-cultural communication, and sharing Christ in another culture.
Table of Contents and Introduction
Session One
Part Two: During the Trip: 
Watch for God at Work:  An In-Country Devotional Guide for Engaging in God’s Mission – one guide for leaders, another for members. They will help your team discover how God is working in, on, and through your hosts and the team.  There is ten days of devotionals to follow, or pull suggestions from, as you gather as a group on the field.  You’ll find reminders and Biblical foundations on being a servant, keeping your hands and hearts open, being relational, and watching for where God is at work.
Session One
Part Three: Post-Trip
What’s Next? Transforming Your Short-Term Mission Experience into Long-Term Ministry When You Return Home – Coming back home is not the end of a mission trip, it’s just the beginning! Three experiential training sessions help your team reflect on their experience, prepare their presentations, and discover what God has in mind for them next.
Introduction and Session One
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