Posted on October 10, 2015 Missionary Support Information

International Ministries provides its missionaries, global consultants, and development workers with a living allowance, benefits, and ministry funds which enable them to live and serve as God has called them.  This support is primarily underwritten by regular and ongoing contributions sent to IM for the support of particular missionaries.  We refer to this as “personalized support.”  The percentages on the “give” page and the missionaries’ profile pages show how much of the missionary’s personalized support is currently committed by regular and ongoing donors.
Contributions to International Ministries which are not targeted for the support of particular missionaries, especially gifts to the annual World Mission Offering, underwrite elements of each missionary’s support and ministry expenses which are not provided through personalized support.

You may provide a one-time gift or make a commitment to support a missionary online by clicking the “add to cart” button on the Give page, or by mailing a check written to “International Ministries” with the missionary’s name on the memo line to International Ministries at P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA, 19482.

American Baptist congregations may give for the support of a particular missionary by sending their contribution as a “targeted” gift for missionary support on their ABC region’s monthly Mission Support form.

* If no percentage of committed support is provided, please contact the missionary for information about their need for personalized support.