Tag: White Cross
| White Cross – Congo Medical Supplies

This project provides medications, hospital supplies and training for nurses for the 13 hospitals that are part of the Congolese Baptist Community.

| White Cross – Burundi Education

This project will help 30 children complete elementary school and enter secondary school.

| A Grand Finish

The literacy program at Sofia Baptist Church finishes the year in grand style with a visit to the zoo and other activities.

Global gifts Nine | White Cross – India Nine Hospitals, Clinics and Mobile Units

This White Cross project will provide medical supplies for hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units in North East India.

Global Gifts thai | White Cross – Thailand Kwai River Hospital

This White Cross project will change the quality of patient care by providing important sanitary medical supplies at the Kwai River Christian Hospital in northern Thailand.

Health Kits Global Gifts | White Cross – South Africa Galilean Health Kits for Health Builders

This White Cross project will equip 40 Health Builders to perform primary health services in impoverished communities in South Africa.