March 5, 2018 White Cross – Nicaragua Medical Supplies, Medicine & Training Health Promoters
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Health and Wellness Health and Wellness
GoalThe goal of this project is to provide medical supplies and medicine for the ministries of AMOS Health and Hope and Hogar Senil in Nicaragua.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $32,295 annually for AMOS Health and Hope, and Hogal Senil.
DescriptionAMOS (A ministry of Health and Hope) confronts the problems of poverty, disease and preventable death in Nicaragua. Moms can deliver healthy babies and adults are diagnosed, treated and given medicine right in their communities. Over 70 health promoters are trained and mentored to serve in rural communities and able to improve the health and well-being of people who suffer in conditions of poverty. AMOS identifies needs, works alongside the community based workers in health, disease prevention and training them in identifying early signs of health dangers that can be treated. The heart of AMOS is focused on communities themselves, teaching local health promoters to provide basic primary health care services to their neighbors. Often these are life-saving services when most individuals are 6 hours or more away from a hospital or clinic and lack transportation to seek medical care. It is anticipated this project will save lives by improving the level of care given in critical moments by AMOS health promoters. Treating preventable conditions prolongs life for those living in rural communities and at Hogal Senil, a home for the elderly, in Nicaragua.
Suggested Gifts$100 provides basic medical supplies to children living in poverty in rural Nicaragua. $250 gives families in remote areas access to AMOS health workers who can treat and provide medicines for preventable conditions and disease. $500 provides baby items for new moms and gives them access to parental training that keeps babies alive from simple conditions such as dehydration, malnutrition and death due to diarrhea. Every gift is meaningful in providing medications that save lives, such as antibiotics and medical supplies for home visits, including blood pressure cuffs, diapers, baby layettes and thermometers.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for the learning and cross-training of health workers (promoters) in each community. Please pray that God will continue to provide local people willing to become rural health promoters and for financial support for medicines and medical supplies. Please pray and share God's love through their vital work.
Managed ByParajón, David