May 19, 2020 White Cross – Burundi Education
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Education Education
GoalThe goal of this project is to help 30 children complete elementary school and enter secondary school.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $7,845 annually to give children in primitive communities in Burundi an education.
DescriptionThe Batwa tribe in Burundi live in poor, primitive communities. They exist by hunting and gathering, and are often subjected to racism and discrimination. Educating these vulnerable children will help transform the Batwa community. This is an ongoing project for three years. The most urgent need is to provide food and school supplies that will enhance the ability of these children to attend school and become literate. The project’s total cost is $23,535 over three years, or $7,845 per year. Funds will provide school uniforms, soap, school supplies like books and pens, and a school lunch.
Suggested Gifts$1,000 will provide school uniforms for all the children for one year. $8,800 will feed all the students for three years. $9,500 will provide school supplies for all the children for three years.
Prayer RequestsPray that education and literacy will be the key to transforming and improving the lives of the Batwa tribe and their community.
Managed ByKaren Smith