March 5, 2018 White Cross – Thailand Kwai River Hospital
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GoalThe goal of this project is to purchase the raw materials to create medical supplies for the Kwai River Hospital in Sangklaburi, Thailand.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $5,883 per year through White Cross for the Kwai River Hospital.
DescriptionThe Kwai River Hospital provides sustainable, low-cost and charity-subsidized medical care for the rural poor, displaced people groups and refugees on the Thai-Burma border. To keep costs low, they make bulk purchases of cotton gauze to create their own dressing supplies, bandages and linens. Once sterilized, their materials are use for wound care, plaster casts and sewn into operating room drape. The hospital provides essential health care, as well as emergency and acute care services, an in doing so, they live out the directive to “do justice and love mercy” found in Micah 6:8. There are no other surgical facilities for 200 kilometers. The ability to provide high-quality but low-cost healthcare is made possible by the donations and assistance of multiple partnership organizations and individuals like you. The goal of this project is to raise $17,647 over 3 years, providing medical care to thousands of people in the region.
Suggested GiftsExample of what your gift could provide. $100 will buy 10 dozen sanitary pads for female patients $250 will buy 50 dozen sterilized surgical gloves $500 will buy jackets for medical staff
Prayer RequestsPlease pray for the staff at KRCH, and for Dr. Scott Murray - the only surgeon within a 500 mile radius Please pray for the fundraising effort to expand the hospital to bear the rapidly increasing number of patients in recent years.
Managed ByLeslie Turley