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Vincent and Hwangs | In Remembrance . . .

How was your New Year’s? Ours started with worship at Morigo Chapel with a “countdown” service. Then, everything changed. Early that morning we discovered our co-worker, Vincent, unconscious in his apartment. We called for help, prayed for a miracle, the EMTs came, went to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead!

English Cafe Xmas creche | Favorite Christmas Gift?

What is your favorite Christmas gift? This Christmas we are thankful for many gifts.

Leslie and Sarah at Fukuurajima | Thanksgiving Blessings!
Hwangs at Tokorozawa Aviation Museum | Typhoon Shūkaku Yasumi (Typhoon Harvest Rest)

“Typhoon Shūkaku Yasumi” sounds like an interesting Japanese phrase or new typhoon? No, but read on to find out more about the Hwangs this October.

Hospitality Honor Hope | Hospitality, Honor, and Hope

Have you ever thought about how hospitality and honor are connected? One of the ways we serve is through hospitality. In our case, we demonstrate hospitality through cooking barbecue/grilling (BBQ). Our BBQ . . .

Summer Service and Sympathy | Summer Service and Sympathy

We were able to have the last 2 of the 4 Kid’s English Club for elementary school kids in August! The first 2 were cancelled due to COVID. The same kids had all participated in the spring. Our first session was a review and they seemed to catch on quickly. The second session was a little too ambitious. However . . .