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Gordon, Lee Ann and Sarah at Sendai Station | Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Do you have dreams about Christmas? I think many people in the States dream about having a “White Christmas” just like the song. This was my dad’s favorite Christmas song as it is for many people. But, it does not make any reference to Jesus or his birth. Maybe there is something better to dream about at Christmas?

Country House | Moving to the Country?

Have you ever felt like you were being led down a path you didn’t want to go? Lee Ann loves the country! Gordon, not so much. You see, Gordon has allergies. Allergies to dust, pollen, mold, mildew, animals, working in the yard 😉 . . . So,

Summer Heat | Summer Heat!

It has been cooler in Rifu than Tokyo, however, the record breaking summer heat is draining our energy. And the fish are dying in this pond! God is good to give us AC (air conditioning)! We were kept quite busy with volunteer groups (New Ohio Friends) and guests and cleaning the camp dorm (Shalom House). Then . . .

GVBC Team at Sendai | Volunteer Value!

We had a fabulous time with 2 volunteer teams in July! The team from Gardena Valley Baptist Church, left us July 3rd. Then, the team from Purpose Church (Team Purpose), arrived July 9th.

IM Discovery Team Japan | Be Devoted to . . . ?

Have you ever waited a long time for something good? About a year ago, Rev. Sandra asked, “if it would be possible to do an IM Discovery trip to” Japan? The original team of nine became five people. Maybe God allowed us to be together so we could learn about being devoted to one another?

There and Back Again | There and Back Again?

Did you hear that the Hwangs returned from their home assignment? Some of our partners have asked about our trip. One requirement of International Ministries (IM) Global Servants (formerly known as missionaries) is home assignment. This was formerly called “furlough.” Furlough sounds like a break, and it is a break from the work done as “missionaries.” However, the work done visiting supporters and speaking about our work on the field, is mostly not restful. It requires teamwork to do thorough planning, with flexibility, and good execution to be successful.