Posted on September 30, 2022 Hospitality, Honor, and Hope
Hospitality Honor Hope
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Gordon with BBQ salmonHospitality and Honor

Have you ever thought about how hospitality and honor are connected? One of the ways we serve is through hospitality. In our case, we demonstrate hospitality through cooking barbecue/grilling (BBQ). Our BBQ has been invited to a couple of homes in addition to the Morigo campsite! It’s difficult to find places to BBQ. One never knows if the neighbors will complain about the smoke, hence our reluctance to use the BBQ on our apartment deck! We’ve done 11 BBQs so far and have 2 more scheduled. We are looking forward to doing more as the weather permits!! Here’s a picture of our most recent BBQ at Shalom House, Morigo Camp for pastors with Asian Access:Asian Access pastors

In Japan, BBQ is special and well liked! So, we are using our BBQ skills to offer hospitality to our new Japanese friends. I recently read this quote from an article on, “. . . generous hospitality toward other people is a concrete expression of that new honor code. If you cannot welcome certain people to a meal, that is a red flag indicating that you do not understand the nature of God’s gracious welcome toward us. True faith requires hospitality.” We are learning about God’s graciousness to us by serving others through BBQ.


Hwangs in TokyoEarlier in September, Naomi had COVID-19. Now, Naomi is all better! Her case of COVID seemed to be mild. So far, everyone is healthy!! Our kids are one of 3 family groups we know where 1 person got infected and recovered. And no one else in the family became infected!! We covet prayers for continued good health. God answered our prayers for Naomi (and her siblings) and increased our sense of Hope!

We are blessed and honored to be serving here as your partners in mission.

With Love and Thanks,

Gordon and Lee Ann Hwang