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| Spring and Summer Updates

Summer is almost over. For many, this season provided opportunities for vacation, road trips, barbecues and so much more. I am a summer person, and so I am a little bit sad that this season is coming to an end. But happy that it will come around again next year and every year. In looking back at this summer and late spring, as far as my networking efforts were concerned, I had the wonderful opportunity to engage with individuals, families locally and abroad, seminarians, professors, mission committees and churches.

| Waiting in that in-between space

The Holy Week reminds us of the price of our salvation but it also encourages us on our faith and ministry journeys. We are reminded that our salvation was possible because Christ paid for it with his life in order to satisfy God’s requirement for our freedom. We are encouraged that life and ministry are rewarding when we live in obedience to God, just as Christ demonstrated this in his relationship with God. As a global servant waiting to be assigned, I find myself in that in-between space and what some call the liminal space. 

| Prayer and Praise
| The Asbury Revival: Recurring Themes
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| Farewell Mission Mobilization, Hello Global Consultant for Theological Education

November 30th, 2022 will be my last day as the director of Mission Mobilization at International Ministries (IM). I started in this ministry on June 1, 2018 at IM. I had the greatest honor of walking alongside women and men who were discerning God’s call upon their lives to serve cross-culturally overseas.