Posted on January 24, 2024 You Can Support God’s Mission from Anywhere
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Preaching at Brighton Road Baptist Church, Durban South Africa

On December 9, Eva and I traveled to South Africa to be with grieving family members. On Wednesday, January 3 we returned to the US after being in the air and two airports for some 27 hours. While in South Africa, I did some networking.

I am so encouraged to have three South African churches and possibly a fourth, as well as family members, make commitments to support International Ministries annually for my ministry as a global consultant for theological education. I believe in inviting non-western participation in global mission. I am so blessed to have churches and individuals from my home country be part of God’s mission in this way.

Many of us know now that Christian mission is no longer a matter of missionaries from the West going to the rest of the world. Rather, the exponential growth of Christianity in Latin America, Africa and parts of Asia is eclipsing that of the Western church. Christian mission is global, with missionaries from all places going to all peoples.

Another significant development is that many people from Latin America, Africa and Asia who are now in the US with its resources, are joining in God’s mission globally.

During my visit to South Africa, I experienced the encouragement of families and churches as they learned about my step of faith in global mission. I invited them to also take part in investing in people like me who have felt God’s call to global mission. I also invited an organization in Asia to take part in being part of God’s mission and was encouraged by their support.

As someone from a developing country and using the US as a base to serve in God’s mission globally, I have reached near the halfway mark in my support level.

Wherever you are in the world, you can be of encouragement to me by giving to International Ministries for my support.

If you are overseas, you can invest a monthly gift by using your credit or debit card and give securely.  Click on this link. I would like to invest monthly in Rodney Ragwan’s Global Mission Support 

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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