Posted on May 3, 2024 “I like what IM does overseas”
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Recently, I had the privilege of connecting with one of my supporters, a 92-year-old individual whose dedication to God’s mission spans decades. As I expressed my gratitude for his monthly contribution to International Ministries for my support, his response warmed my heart: “I like what IM does overseas.”

In that simple statement, I sensed the depth of his commitment to the mission we serve. It was a reminder of the profound impact our ministry has had across borders and cultures for over two centuries. From spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to facilitating transformation in communities worldwide, our global servants have been instrumental in bringing hope and healing to countless lives.

I seized the opportunity to share with him the diverse ways his generosity fuels our ministry. From supporting pastors and leaders in theological education to empowering local communities, his contribution plays a vital role in our collective mission.

As I reflect on the broader support network surrounding me, I see echoes of his sentiment in every individual and church that stands with me and and my fellow global servants. Their unwavering belief in the significance of our overseas endeavors speaks volumes about the shared vision we uphold.

Personally, I am deeply honored to be part of this mission. Knowing that people entrust their resources and prayers to support my role as a global servant fills me with a profound sense of purpose and gratitude.

Together, we are advancing God’s mission overseas, one life, one community at a time. And with each step forward, we echo the sentiment: “I like what IM does overseas.”

If you like what IM is doing overseas, join me in participating and contributing to the advancement of God’s mission abroad. CLICK HERE.