If These Volcanic Stones Could Shout

I grew up in what some refer to as the ‘Deep South’. My family lived and farmed in a small rural community; we attended a conservative Methodist church.   Worship was …

IM Missionary’s Plan to Heal Health Care Organizations

“Sometimes, health care organizations can become sick and in need of healing, just like our patients and our communities,” says American Baptist International Ministries (IM) medical missionary Dr. Steve James.

A Trip to Remember

As I got on the older rickety bus at the border of Laos and Thailand, I had the slight feeling come over me that the upcoming ride through the mountains was not going to be the same as a trip in Thailand.

Marilyn Raatz Commissioning Cape Cod Resident Commissioned to Serve in Africa

This was a historic moment for Cape Cod’s Brewster Baptist Church. As Lead Pastor the Rev. Dr. Doug Scalise stated, “As far as I know, over the more-than-190-year history of the congregation, this is the first time our very own missionary has been commissioned.”

On the Road: Part 1

Lynette and I have been on the road to raising our ministry support. Some of you may not understand the “NEW” reasoning for each missionary raising their own support.

From Volcanic Eruption to Creative Construction …Making the Most of the Tragedies in Our Lives

We thought you’d like to learn something of this place we currently call home…                                            In 2002, Mt. Nyiragongo, a two mile high stratovolcano on the edge of the city of …