Posted on November 17, 2017 God’s Ambassadors in Uganda

An inter-generational team from Grace Crossing Community Church(PA) will be God’s Ambassadors at Bethlehem Parents School & Orphanage in Bethlehem, Uganda in June 2018. BPS was founded by Pastor Fred Sserwango who recently launched a groundbreaking ecumenical organization called One Love (advocating for cooperative ministry and interdependence).  The team’s primary focus in relationship building and sharing twelve of Christ by their presence, smiles, servants’ hearts. The team will reassure our brothers and sisters in Uganda that the love of Christ crosses many rivers, oceans and borders. BPS is a primary boarding school, considered to be among the highest quality primary school in Uganda. Almost all the students are orphaned as a result of the AIDS crisis. The teachers work for very meager wages and are called “mama” and “papa” by the children, who consider them to be their surrogate parents. A medical clinic has recently been launched as well as a micro-loan organization to help support small business efforts in the area. Pastor Fred’s vision is to expand the school to provide secondary education to the children attending BPS.

Under Pastor Dan McDowell’s leadership, the team has been preparing for their cross cultural experience, doing various fundraising activities, praying and embracing their middle name, to be  “flexibility.” They know that the local needs will be defined as they walk through the doors of the school and orphanage. They may be asked to facilitate VBS lessons, sit and hug a crying child, paint, draw, lead Bible lessons, visit rural churches to spread God’s good news, receive the light of Christ and be blessed by their new friends from Uganda. If you would like to support their efforts, please contact Pastor Dan by sending an email at

We keep their preparation in prayers as they help in Faith Raising amongst themselves and their neighbors.