We’re excited to be challenged and encouraged spiritually by this year’s speakers, global servants, and international partners!

Below the speakers, you can view a list of global servants and international partners joining us at the World Mission Conference 2022 from around the world.


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Rev. Zina Jacque
Bible Study Leader
Rev. Soozi Ford
Diving Deeper into Connection

Below are the global servants and international partners who will be at this year’s World Mission Conference.  Please note that the list is subject to change.  To learn more about the global servants click on their name.   

Global Servants                                                                                                                                   

Barb & Dwight Bolick | Special Assignment

Carlos Bonilla & Mayra Giovanetti | Regional Consultants – Colombia

Ann & Bill Clemmer | Regional Consultants – Congo

Annie & Jeff Dieselberg | Thailand

Sue Hegarty | Costa Rica

Becky Mann | Thailand

Luis & Sarah Matos | TBD

Ricardo Mayol-Bracero | Regional Consultant – Guatemala

Debbie & Keith Myers | Mexico

Jeni Pedzinski | Thailand

Ketly & Vital Pierre | Dominican Republic

Kit Ripley | Thailand

Paul Rollet | Philippines

David Sagar | India

Katrina & Kyle Williams | Thailand

Debby Witmer | Thailand


Global Consultants

Mylinda Baits | Training Through Restorative Arts

Lauran Bethell | Abolition of Human Trafficking

Ann & Bruce Borquist | From Everywhere to Everyone/Holistic Community/Economic Development

Mike Mann | Rural Development

Ray Schellinger | Immigrants and Refugees

Jeanine & Walt White | Cross-Cultural Discipleship



Christine Lafferty | Nicaragua

Eric & Yuree Lembke | Thailand

Sarah McCloy | Japan

Toya Richards | South Africa

Aaron & AmyEstelle Trout | Philippines

Amy & Joseph Vo | Vietnam


International Guests – arriving Sunday, July 3 through Saturday, July 9

Rev. Julio Diaz | Spain | President of the Evangelical Seminary

Rev. Dr. Akheto Sema | India | CBCNEI General Secretary

Mrs. Helle Liht | Estonia | Assistant General Secretary EBF

Rev. Dr. Vee Tetseo | Japan | Asia Pacific Baptist Federation President