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| Elder Xianwei Fu, leader of the church in China, passed away at the age of 74

I have been deeply blessed by Elder Fu from meeting and listening to him and observing how he built relations and handled issues in conferences.

| STEP – China

This project will enable 100 orphaned children in China to get an education.

| White Cross – China Drug Detoxification and Rehab Center

Help provide books and medical supplies for the students and teachers of Born Again Garden ministry in China.

| Pray for Emerson and Ivy Wu serving as directors of the Global Chinese Training Ministry to help identify strategic locations to provide discipleship and pastoral training.

Rev. Ivy and Emerson help Christian training centers and Bible schools to run assessments and improve their curricula, libraries and faculty development. Ivy and Emerson also serve as IM liaisons to partners in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau and global Chinese churches.

China - Education for Orphans | China – Education for Orphans

This project helps orphans break free of the cycle of poverty by giving them access to the same educational opportunities as other children.

| As Christianity Grows Rapidly in China, IM Missionaries Emerson and Ivy Wu Prepare for a New Global Opportunity

Emerson and Ivy Wu are preparing to embark on a new assignment as the directors of Global Chinese Mission for IM. This role will expand their service to Taiwan and Singapore, the Pacific Rim, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto and New York. Their mission is to create a network platform to enhance strategic mission partnership.