Posted on September 21, 2018 Judy Sutterlin extends her service as IM Special Assistant for China Relation

Rev. Judy Sutterlin has served faithfully as IM missionary and then my Special Assistant for China Relation. (Click to read related journal: Judy has returned to settle down in California. Moreover, I am very happy to tell you that Judy is willing to extend her service as my Special Assistant for another three years! Judy will continue to help IM to strengthen our relation with the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary, where she served as a teacher. She will also oversee the China Orphan Program in partnership with the Amity Foundation.

It is worth to mention that this year we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the China Orphan Program through which we have helped more than 120 children to stay in school. Many of these children lost their parents who were infected by AIDS. Not only has Judy represented IM and the Amity Foundation to provide the children financial assistance but also counseling and encouragement. Most of our sponsored children remain in school despite financial and emotional struggle. More than 16 of them have entered into college! Our donors network, with a based in the First Baptist Church of Madison, Wisconsin, and the other in my church the Chinese Christian and Center in Philadelphia, provides each of the college student a bundle of computer and accessory. Judy brings the computer to each student and teaches them how to use it for it will be the first time for many of these student to own their computer!

Thank Judy for her pastoral heart!