Posted on August 21, 2018 Judy Sutterlin finished 26 years of service in China

How would you like people to write about you after you completed your overseas service as a missionary? Knowing that Judy Sutterlin of American Baptist International Ministries will return to the US this fall after 26 years of service in China, the China Christian Council arranged a special interview of Judy which is published in the (Chinese) Tien Feng Magazine. In the interview, Judy did not mention her achievement nor outstanding awards she has received from the Church and the Chinses Government. She talked about how much she loves Chinese culture and how much she enjoys serving in China – in the college, with the Amity Foundation, and at the Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. Her students in the Seminary have observed that Judy is very hard working and has lived a very humble life style. They are so concern if Judy has enough to live on after she retires in the US, they asked Judy if they could raise fund in their churches to help her. Judy declined with a gentile smile, ”God’s provision is always sufficient, and I have more than enough to live on after I return to the US.” Judy reminded the writer to tell the readers that she is grateful to have the opportunity to serve Chinese people. She has received so much blessings. She enjoys her students, colleagues and friends.  She thanks God that she can witness the growth of the Church in China, and how her students are equipped to harvest the field faithfully for God’s Kingdom.