December 2, 2017 China – Education for Orphans
China - Education for Orphans
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GoalThe goal of this project is to help orphans in China break free of the cycle of poverty by giving them access to the same educational opportunities as other children.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $62,500 for the education of 125 orphans in China.
DescriptionXiao Yang lost her father to a heart attack when she was a baby. Her mother left several years later, so she now lives with her grandparents, who farm a very small plot of land. Thanks to support through this project, Xiao Yang has been able to stay in school. She hopes to pass the high school entrance exam in a couple of years and dreams of going on to college. Since 2003, the Amity Foundation program has helped students like Xiao Yang get an education. Today, the program serves 50 orphans, and there are plans to expand it to serve 125 children. Sponsorship provides them with clothing, food and school supplies, and it helps pay tuition and dorm fees. As each child becomes a productive member of their community, their involvement will improve economic stability for everyone.
Suggested Gifts$500 to sponsor one orphan's education for the year.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray that these orphans will feel the love behind your gifts, and that they will grow into adults who work and serve in that same spirit of love.
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