Posted on September 6, 2022 Joyce Reed will speak at the Vellore Foundation Fourth Annual Ecumenical Leadership Forum

Joyce Reed will speak at the Vellore Foundation Fourth Annual Ecumenical Leadership Forum

Benjamin Chan

September 6, 2022

Rev. Dr. Joyce Reed will speak at the Fourth Annual Ecumenical Leadership Forum of the US-based Vellore Foundation on September 23, 2022. Joyce will give a presentation on “Engaging in Meaningful, Curative, Preventive, and Educational Ministries at Home and Around the World.”. She will also join other speakers of other denominations to engage into dialogues with the participants. Joyce and her husband David Reed are International Ministries’ “Global Coordinators for Spiritual Care to facilitate the care for personnel, a goal outlined in IM’s strategic plan. Building on 20 years of ministry in Mexico and service as regional consultants in Iberoamerica and the Caribbean, the Reeds seek to cultivate a culture of health in which IM global personnel and home office staff can thrive and be effective in ministry. They offer spiritual guidance, support and presence; provide workshops and retreats on self-care, soul care, and community care practices; research and find resources to support spiritual growth and health; walk with colleagues through significant times of transition, transformation, grief and loss; and mentor global servants during their first years on the field.” Click to read their journals:;

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The Annual Ecumenical Leadership Forum is formed “to enable the Foundation’s partner faith-based organizations to come together in the spirit of exploring God’s priorities and paradigm shifts in global mission.” I gave a presentation in the Second Forum on October 16th, 2020; and the Third Forum on July 23, 2021 and posted a related journal in IM website. Click to read related information in;;