Posted on July 23, 2021 Rich sharing in the Vellore Ecumenical Leadership Forum

Rich sharing in the Vellore Ecumenical Leadership Forum

Benjamin Chan

July 23, 2021


I attended the Ecumenical Leadership Forum Zoom Webinar on July 23, 2021, organized by the Vellore Foundation (US), which is the development arm of the Christian Medical College and Hospital in Vellore, India. The Forum is a continuing effort to bring faith-based organizations to share ministry experience and mutual support. This Forum meeting was attended by 30 representatives, I see friends from the United Methodist Church, the Reformed Church of America etc. I gave a presentation on International Collaboration. Topics of other presentations include New Beginnings; God’s Dignity; Innovation and Adaptive Leadership; Mutual Priorities – Educating the Soul. Messages in The chats during the webinar reflect the rich sharing we had:

* It is wonderful to learn how various religious organizations are joining hands in extending the healing ministry of Christ to India & other parts of the world.

* Amen to paying attention to health care system, especially for underserved communities. CMC Vellore has provided significant contributions and has an important role to play, not only in India, but also in sharing their experience and model with other countries.

* I agree that cell phone and virtual meeting like Zoom are the two important platforms for future ministries.

* CMC Vellore is a place of miracle, expertise, and a place we see and experience God – what a witness and legend!

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Picture: Ben Chan and Deepika Srivastava, Director of Church Relations of Vellore Foundation