Recently I discovered a posting on this ministries FaceBook page by the Bergman’s of Midland, Michigan. It was part of the “1 of 30” Campaign my Mission Partnership Team (MPT) and I ran last year during our support building efforts.

Waiting for Answers?

How long must I wait for an answer to prayer? One year ago and a little bit, February 2016, I began praying daily Matthew 9:37-8 at 9:38 AM.

The International Mission Conference

The International Mission Conference was held on June 14 to June 18, 2017 by the Convention of Philippine Baptist Churches Inc. (CPBC), Mission Outreach of the Shantow Baptist Church of Hong Kong (MOSBCHK) and American Baptist Churches International Ministries (IM).

Bazaar Banana Cake?

Is Banana Cake popular in Japan? You betcha! Every year, at the beginning of May, is a holiday time called, “Golden Week.

Misiones Reversibles… / Reverse Missions…

In Chile, in Spain, and in Nicaragua we received Short Term Mission Teams (STMT). STMT often dedicate 10 days per trip. In June and July, we will share with two of these churches.

Czech It Out! Student Trip to Czech Republic

Czech it out–I had the privilege of joining our 8th grade English students on a four-day trip to the Czech Republic.