Hitos por doquier… / Milestones galore…

Are you looking forward to spending quality family time during this special month of the year to celebrate more milestones? We are!!! // ¿Anticipas un tiempo de calidad familiar en este mes tan especial del año en que celebramos hitos? ¡!!Nosotros sí!!!

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

While recognizing that the scars of wounding could not be totally erased, we offered a gesture of repentance through recognition of harm caused, engaging  in active repair, we moved through forgiveness from opposite sides of a struggle toward reconciliation together.

Initial Prayers for Tara

Tara shares about her journey from St Louis to Vanga, to pursue her dream to be a short-term medical servant. What she asks is to be covered in prayers.

October 2018 Costa Rica Discovery Tour

Discover Costa Rica with Dr. John Wm Grisham, Partnership Liaison for American Baptist Churches Great Rivers Region and the Federation of Baptist Associations of Costa Rica.

Exciting Spring News!

I have exciting news to share with you! As of March 1st, I became an Appointed Global Servant to Bolivia through International Ministries!

Pray for Peace in Nicaragua with Drs. David and Laura Parajon and AMOS Team

Most of you probably realize that we’re living through a recent period of political turmoil and civil unrest here in Nicaragua, and while we are hopeful that the situation will …