Posted on January 10, 2023 Amity Foundation received national recognition

Amity Foundation received national recognition.

Benjamin Chan

January 10, 2023


The Nanjing based Amity Foundation received the top rating as a philanthropy/ foundation in China. The exciting news comes as The China Foundation Center (CFC) released its 2022 China Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) Report, and Amity received the top FTI rating of 100 for the 10th time. CFC was jointly initiated by 35 well-known foundations in China and was officially formed in 2010. The FTI is a scientific index which serves both as an indicator and guideline to foundations in China, in areas of transparency in information disclosure, and internal management and external communications. “Amity is committed to maintaining our excellent working relationship with our partners and spreading love far and wide.” Mr. Zhonghui Qiu, Chair of the Board of Amity Foundation and Amity Printing Company, reaffirmed their vision. Click to read more about the Amity Foundation and featured projects:


International Ministries (IM) has been a close partner of the Amity Foundation since its establishment as a Christian initiated NGO in 1985 to promote education, public health, social welfare, community development, environmental protection, disaster relief and other philanthropic undertakings. Our recent cooperation includes the provision of PEE to medical institutions in China during the COVID pandemic with the support of Asia Pacific Forum mainline denomination members in Australia, Canada and the US; and a grant to purchase an ambulance for the Cen Gong Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Guizhou Province. In the past 10-20 years, IM has provided White Cross Fund to support the Born Again Garden project which helps the recovery and life transformation of former drug-addicts. Click to learn more about the program: IM has sponsored Amity’s NGO Incubation Program in partnership with the Life Transformation Foundation, International. And this year, we celebrate 20 years of partnership of the China Orphans and Students Support Program through which we provide financial support to underserved children and young people to help them finish school and seek a better future. Former global servant Judy Sutterlin represents IM to oversee our sponsorship and visit the students with Amity’s staff. Click to learn more about the program: