March 5, 2018 White Cross – China Drug Detoxification and Rehab Center
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Health and Wellness Health and Wellness
GoalThe goal of this project is to improve the living and study conditions for the clients and teachers of the rehab center in China.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $9,000 to purchase and provide books and medical supplies for the students and teachers of Born Again Garden ministry in China.
DescriptionThrough the support of this project, the living and study conditions of clients and teachers of Born Again Garden will be improved. They will have a better environment to study, read the Bible, and receive the tools necessary to free them from a life of drug use. Born Again Garden is a drug detoxification and rehabilitation center that provides students and teachers with a safe, stable living, studying, and working environment. Drug-using students will ultimately live a new life free of drugs and change their family and local communities in a positive way. This project will be managed by IM's partner, the Amity Foundation. It is anticipated that this project will improve the overall lives of the young people who come to receive support to live a drug-free life.
Suggested GiftsGifts of any size will be tangible proof of God's love and care for people living a drug-free life.
Prayer RequestsPray that the ministries of the Amity Foundation will glorify God. Pray for the people seeking to live a life that honors God.
Managed ByBen Chan