October 20, 2017 White Cross – Bolivia – House of Hope Medical and Dental Supplies
Bolivia Medical Supplies
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide monthly mobile medical and dental clinics to care for over 500 people in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
SummaryThis White Cross project seeks to raise $18,833 per year to purchase and provide dental and medical supplies for the House of Hope mobile clinics.
DescriptionIn Bolivia, only children under 5 years old get full socialized health coverage while school age children have only supplemental insurance. Neither of these provide dental care and both age groups are at high risk for completely preventable diseases such as diarrhea and chronic malnutrition. Cochabamba is the third largest city in Bolivia, and yet 85% of dental cavities go untreated. The indigenous people have a high rate of diarrhea and chronic malnutrition caused by poor diets. The House of Hope partners with local doctors and dentists to bring mobile clinics to serve vulnerable populations in the city and surrounding provinces. Your support will provide equipment and supplies for two mobile dental clinics and one medical clinic each month providing care on a regular basis. Through education and screening, this project will prevent diseases and provide local churches with a ministry opportunity that is tailored directly to their local community. They often provide dental hygiene and nutrition instruction while the children are waiting to be seen. The House of Hope mobile dental clinic will provide care and prevention to 500 people resulting in improved oral health. The mobile medical clinic will provide annual care to 500 people resulting in improved overall health in vulnerable populations. These clinics give the House of Hope the chance to build relationships with Bolivian doctors and dentists thru monthly meetings that build community among the volunteers and offer evangelism and discipleship opportunities.
Suggested Gifts$1,000 will fund 2 dental clinics. $4,000 will provide medical supplies and medical clinics. $5,000 will fund health and dental care for 4 months. $12,000 will provide dental supplies and dental clinics.
Prayer RequestsPray that the clinics will be an outreach to families who are not members of the churches or ministries in their communities. Pray that the clinics will draw people to Christ and create opportunities for discipleship by the local church.
Managed ByReed, J.D. & Rhonda