Posted on November 9, 2022 What’s Next for Jeni Pedzinski

“For all that has been, Thanks. For all that shall be, Yes.”


November 2022



My dear ones, 

It has been far too long since you heard from me this way. I have longed to write but have only recently discovered the next step of the journey to be able to share with you. Let me tell you now. 

In 2019 (nearly four years ago) I began sensing that change was coming. It made no sense at the time. I was thoroughly engaged in ministry at New Life Center Foundation (NLCF) in Chiang Mai and couldn’t conceive of doing anything else – or of moving away from Thailand. 

That same year, NLCF worked with staff and stakeholders at every level to write an updated strategic plan. The strategic plan outlined NLCF’s goals for organizational development and ministry activities over the upcoming five years. One of these goals was to increase New Life Center’s long-term sustainability by eventually hiring a local Thai person to assume some responsibility for public and donor relations and to develop funding locally in Asia. This person would replace me and expand on my work. 

I am thrilled to report that NLCF has accomplished this goal. A local person was hired and is already settling in. I praise God for this person and hope you will join me in prayer for him. His name is Ken. 

While on home assignment this year, I have been in a season of transition, waiting for God to reveal my next step. Many of you have been praying with me through the lengthy process of discernment, even as I have visited and spoken at your churches to share the wonder of God’s work at New Life Center. Thank you for your loving support, and for trusting God with me. 

So, what’s next?!?! Let me tell you! 

On December 1, 2022, I begin my next ministry assignment as International Ministries’ Director of Mission Mobilization. In this role I get to offer pastoral care and counseling to people who are discerning or have discerned a call to global service. I’ll walk alongside them through everything the discernment process entails, from application to preparation, fundraising, and all the ups and downs of what is usually a two-to-four-year-long process. 

God has perfectly prepared me for this ministry. You yourselves have born witness to my years of preparation, which began at World Mission Conference in 1996 with Peter Beckwith and his Japanese coin. Twenty-three years later, it is my turn to encourage others to be attentive to God’s love and leading in their own lives. 

I’d love to talk more with you about what all of this means for the future. I’ve included answers to some Frequently Asked Questions below, as well as instructions for continued giving at the very bottom. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email with additional questions or if you would like to set up a time to talk and pray together. 

Your friendship and love mean so much to me. Thank you for sticking by me through this season of uncertainty. We have walked and waited in faith together all this time, and I can’t wait to see the fruit God will bring as a result! 

With all my heart,




Frequently Asked Questions

 Where will you live?

I will be based in the Philadelphia area. In addition to my ministry assignment as director of mission mobilization, I will be the primary host of International Ministries’ guest house (Staughton Mission House) located in Collegeville, PA. Please contact me for the address if you would like.

What does your role as host of Staughton Mission House entail?

Staughton Mission House (SMH) is a ministry of hospitality. I will live at the house and manage every aspect of its operation. This includes coordinating and receiving guests, preparing for and responding to needs they may have, and generally making a home for them. Guests most commonly include IM global servants, international partners from all over the world, and remote staff. My vision for this ministry is that each person who stays will feel they have come home. I stayed at SMH in the past as a global servant myself. It is a peaceful, comfortable space. I am so grateful for the opportunity to offer others the gift of hospitality which I have so often received in my own travels.

Will you still be raising support?

Yes. I will continue to raise support for my role as director of mission mobilization and for my ministry at SMH. I fully understand and affirm that some churches and individuals may prefer to support global servants and partners whose work is based primarily overseas. If that is the case for you, I bless you with all my heart. I hope you will consider the continued giving options below and remember how deeply grateful I am that you have stood with and supported me over the years! For those who are willing to continue supporting me in this new ministry assignment, I am thrilled that our partnership in mission will continue! I believe fundraising is a ministry of mutual encouragement and a vital part of our ongoing personal discipleship. What a blessing it is to walk together in this way!

Will you still work overseas at times?

Yes. My work as director of mission mobilization will take me overseas periodically. The international aspect of this role includes meeting with global servants and partners, listening with them to the movement of God in their lives and work, and learning about the needs they have for others to come alongside their ministries. I will then actively seek out those God may be calling to respond to these needs. What a glorious vantage point – to see God meet needs all over the world in ministries of all kinds!

I have more questions. Can I contact you personally?

Yes! You are most welcome to contact me personally at

Please see the information below for how to stop, start, or continue giving.



Continued Giving

Supporting Jeni’s Ministry as Director of Mission Mobilization and host of Staughton Mission House:

  1. If you ALREADY have an ongoing donation set up, please call or email IM Donor Services right away with your approval to switch your gift designation from support for Jeni as a global servant to “Leadership Mission Support” for Jeni Pedzinski.
  2. If you prefer to STOP your giving, please call or email IM Donor Services to let them know.
  3. If you would like to BEGIN supporting Jeni in this role, you may do so online at this link. Select Jeni’s name from the dropdown list: Leadership Mission Support (Pedzinski, J.). You may also contact IM donor services by phone or send a check to:

 International Ministries 1003 W. 9th Ave. Ste. A King of Prussia, PA 19406 


By phone, call 610-768-2323 and ask to speak to donor services

By email, send a note to


Support for New Life Center:

This ministry still needs us! If God has touched your heart through NLCF’s ministry and you want to support their transformative work with adolescent tribal girls who have survived exploitation, bless you!! Please contact IM donor services using the phone number above or send a check using the address above. Write “New Life Center Specifics” in the memo. You may also visit New Life Center’s website.   


Support for Global Servants:

Here is a partial list of new global servants who are not yet fully funded. They work in very diverse ministry contexts. Click on the links below to get to know them. Would you pray about supporting one or more of these amazing servants who have surrendered their whole lives to God’s calling

Toya Richards – South Africa

Amy and Joseph Vo – Vietnam

Rodney Ragwan – Global

Eliberto & Molly Juárez – El Salvador

Eric & Yuree Lembke – Thailand

Luis & Sarah Matos – Mexico

Sarah McCloy – Japan

View a complete list of global servants here.