Posted on July 31, 2022 Wedding Honor
Sho and Anna Wedding Honor
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Wedding Honor: Unexpected Blessing!

Have you ever been asked to be part of a wedding? We think it is a high honor! Gordon was asked to assist in the wedding ceremony of a friend, Pastor O’s, daughter. His daughter, Anna-san, is bilingual, was raised abroad, and is friends with our daughters! She had many guests who would be “attending” the wedding virtually and she wanted them to be able to understand the ceremony. So, Gordon became the English “voice” to read the translation of Pastor Makito’s words. This was the first time for Gordon to participate as an “officiant” in Japan. This was a great honor and he was a little nervous.

Wedding Service

Sho and Anna

Sho and Anna

The wedding service was beautiful, full of praise music, and all went very smoothly! The weather was a prayer concern. God gave the couple a nice, cool day instead of the usual hot and humid summer weather at Oasis Chapel. Although rain was in the forecast, there were only a few light showers during the photo shoot with the groom’s friends and their sports cars!

Pastor Makito gave a Gospel-centered message that we pray God used to speak to the many believers and non-believers. Gordon did his part well! He received some nice feedback including that his smile helped the groom calm down during the ceremony. Also, that the English vows were very meaningful to the bride.

Thank you for your continued prayers! God shows His sovereignty daily, doing “immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine.” Ephesians 3:20

to enjoy a short video (2:35) of couple’s day! Can you find Gordon?

Much love,

Gordon and Lee Ann Hwang