Posted on March 29, 2023 Waiting in that in-between space
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The Holy Week reminds us of the price of our salvation but it also encourages us on our faith and ministry journeys. We are reminded that our salvation was possible because Christ paid for it with his life in order to satisfy God’s requirement for our freedom. We are encouraged that life and ministry are rewarding when we live in obedience to God, just as Christ demonstrated this in his relationship with God. As a global servant waiting to be assigned, I find myself in that in-between space and what some call the liminal space.

On this side of the biblical narrative of the crucifixion, we know that after Christ was crucified, three days later resurrection took place. For the women and disciples, they were not very sure. Saturday was the waiting period for the women who were keen to complete the burial ritual for Jesus. For these women and for the disciples, their world was shattered as doubt and despair crept in. For the critics, they were just glad that this Jesus who did not fit into their understanding of faith, and who was causing all sorts of problems for them, was no more.

Being in that in-between or liminal space is where I find myself. God has called me to serve as a global servant and I find myself almost half-way through this process of being assigned to begin my ministry. But for now, it is waiting as the work of relationship building continues through the communications, sharing at various gatherings; the praying and trusting that these efforts will help the transition from this liminal space to the space where I join in God’s mission as a theological educator. Are you in that space right now? It may feel that nothing is happening. Remember Sunday is coming. This encourages me, I hope you will be encouraged too.

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