Posted on May 20, 2019 Turning the Page
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Whew! That Was a Long Chapter

Spring 2016 began with us tracking our chart of secured monthly network pledges, now we are excited to announce that Spring 2019 has us counting down! If you haven ‘t heard it through the grapevines of Facebook and the ABC (American Baptist Churches) world, we official have reached our 100% of monthly pledges and we have our departure date. Congratulations Called to More network, you did it! You came together to support our journey of following God’s call to Haiti. *Remember, we can’t do this without you and you are EVERY part of this ministry as much as we are.
Currently, we are in the midst of so many emotions. It’s hard to answer the question, “How are you feeling about this?” Or “Are you (fill in the blank)?” The answer is, “Yes, and so much more!” How do you wrap up the surreal-ness of a time we’ve talked about, presented about, planned for, and prayed for over the last three and a half years (December 2015 when Brian and Lynette visited Haiti for a week, longer if you think of August 2014 when we began the application process) and now it is actually taking place? Isn’t God just AWESOME?!?

God has taken us through these last several years of highs, lows, and everything in between to bring us to this reality. He has orchestrated and been with us as He wrecked our American dream of owning a business and residing forever in NW Pennsylvania to expanding our world-view and hearts for a place we will call home in a country we maybe never have set foot in; as He gave us the words and touched hearts of individuals and churches in over 27 states across the nation we had the privilege of sharing our story and vision for this next step; as He crafted conversations and relationships to make sure we were wholistically supported on this journey an into the future; as He grew our boys and us through every transition and experience (sometimes even from the great eats we discovered!); as He has taken our tiny act of reluctant obedience in filling out an application, to a vague idea of what we might do, to a bigger vision of our place among our brothers and sisters on the beautiful island we call Haiti. God has molded us through this process of trainings, transitions, trials, and time all in preparation for our next destination where He already is working and will continue to guide us along. God has given us partnerships like yours and we hope you have been as blessed by C2M as much as we have been touch and blessed by your generosity, encouragement, and love.

The waiting period has ended and we have in a short amount of time completed our field orientation at our headquarters in the King of Prussia-Valley Forge area of Pennsylvania and now we are full on wrapping up our time here in NW Pennsylvania with packing, good-byes, and final ‘musts’ before we leave PA on May 7th. We are planning a week’s time to drive down the eastern coast as a family of four before we load our belongings and turn in our tickets on a cargo plane in Florida when a plane ride is all that stands between our feet on USA soil and stepping off the plane in Cap-Haitian, Haiti on May 14th. So, there you have it, May 14th we will be starting life in Haiti and our next newsletter will find us in our new chapter as your IM Global Servants on the field.

UPDATE: We arrived to Cap Haitien Airport and were greeted by our Colleagues Dr. Nzunga & Kihomi, Dr. Steve & Nancy as well as Ann Clemmer who was visiting Haiti at our time of arrival.  We are in process of settling in our house and beginning the process of adapting to the climate and life in Haiti.  We will send you more news soon.

“Whenever you cross [our] mind, [we] thank [our] God for you and for the gift of knowing you. [Our] spirit is lightened with joy whenever [we] pray for you (and [we] do constantly) because you have partnered with [us] to spread the [good news] since the first day [we shared with] you.”
-Philippians 1:3-5 Voice translation