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| 200 Years of Baptists in Haiti

On December 17th, 2023, we attended the 200 Year Anniversary service by invitation of Pastor Voltair at the First Baptist Church of Cap-Haitien.

| Hollis Clark ABFMS – Haiti alumnus, called home

Hollis Clark ABFMS – Haiti Alumnus, Called Home
Adalia Gutierrez-Lee
May 26, 2022.

| Servants for Christ

Building relationships from Michigan to Haiti has been a passion for Lynne Punnett, Special Assistant to Short-Term Mission and Special Missions Consultant to the ABC Michigan region.

| What Was & Is

We lament and grieve what was and is, as we live in this season of pandemic. What was and is, has our attention today and helps form our tomorrows. We remember the historical chapel at Milot in Haiti. We remember…in order to move forward.

Nzunga and Kihomi | A Plea for Prayer for Haiti in the Covid 19 Crisis from Mabudiga Nzunga.

We are more preoccupied by the conditions of our people in Haiti.
Most of them live in a small crowded space 10 or more persons. How to keep social distance is a big question.

| Pray for the people of Haiti facing great unrest and for our global servants Kihomi Ngwemi and Mabudiga Nzunga who are in country

Serious Civil unrest has once again disrupted life in Haiti.