Posted on April 23, 2020 A Plea for Prayer for Haiti in the Covid 19 Crisis from Mabudiga Nzunga.
Nzunga and Kihomi

Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga serve in Haiti. Nzunga recently sent out this appeal for prayer. 

Greetings. We were evacuated taking the last mission plane out of Haiti. We are now in Mesa, Arizona where we are trying to find ourselves. Since we arrived, we are in self-quarantine. The news of Corona virus is really stressing us out. Now we decided not to watch TV but 30 minutes news. 

We are more preoccupied by the conditions of our people in Haiti. 

Most of them live in a small crowded space 10 or more persons. How to keep social distance is a big question. Most of them have no clean water to be washing hands. We dug some pumps, but they are not enough. Soap can be another problem they need to use all day washing hands. 

No electricity to keep food cold. No saving to buy food when in confinement. Many families must go out daily to buy and resell. Whatever profit they make they buy food for the evening. If forced to stay locked down.  Famine will kill more than Corona virus. 

Many illiterates people do not believe that this virus is for black people. Many believers believe strongly that God will not permit such a cruel disease kill Christians. They pay little attention to what the authorities are saying. 

We are praying that Haiti gets spared. Otherwise the entire world will descend to bury our people. 

Please keep our people in prayers. 


Denny Shewell of their MPT added – In addition they have closed the border to the DR where northern Haiti gets most of their food.  It is possible that this situation will become dire very fast.  Let’s pray it doesn’t.    

Most poor countries are going to find their situation is similar to Haiti.  May God have mercy.