October 4, 2017 Thailand – Coffee Seedlings
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GoalThe goal of this project is to provide 300 coffee seedlings to 24 families in northern Thailand.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $12,600 to give coffee trees, training and workshops to 24 families
DescriptionThe hill tribe villagers of northern Thailand do not receive development assistance from the government. As a result, the people struggle to generate income to purchase food and medicine and to educate their children. Integrated Tribal Development Foundation (ITDF), works with villagers by providing coffee seedlings as well as training in irrigation and land management techniques. Villagers also have the option to become part of the Thai Tribal Arabica Coffee Cooperative, which gives them access to global markets and Fair Trade certification. Historically opium poppies were the main cash crop in Thailand, but today Arabica coffee beans have become one of the most viable replacement crops. As a result, dozens of families of the Thai hill tribes can raise their standard of living in an otherwise resource-poor area. Villagers will be able to generate income, buy livestock, plant gardens and provide for the daily needs of the hill tribe families in Thailand.
Suggested Gifts$250 buys 300 coffee seedlings for one family. $500 trains 20 people.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with Mike Mann that the growth of coffee will multiply and prayerfully consider what your part will be in this project.
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