Posted on April 21, 2010 Tangible Blessings Of Love

As I think about White Cross, I am always reminded how this ministry reaches so many people across the world.  When I read stories from our missionaries and partners God continues to open my mind and heart.

Katherine Niles, missionary to Democratic Republic of Congo shares how White Cross is a blessing.

Tangible blessings of Love

Katherine Niles – Missionary

Democratic Republic of Congo

“A young mother cuddles her new born in a soft new blanket.  A nurse mid-wife protects herself with an adequate pair of gloves.  An older man heals because of the benefit of daily dressing changes he could never afford without free bandaging materials.  A child, in traction for a hip fracture, has the comfort of a soft mattress instead of a prickly raffia mat.  A medical resident dons a surgical gown to assist with surgery.

These are tangible blessings because of the White Cross supplies which came to Congo this year.  These blessings, through White Cross are possible because of you.  The hospital staff and the patients they serve, thank God for your faithfulness in making these blessings a reality.

It is a great privilege to distribute White Cross supplies to our Baptist hospitals each year.  I also send my heart felt thanks

Partnering with the Baptist Community of Congo serving ten hospitals in two health zones:

Hopital de Reference, C.B.C.O – Boko

Hopital Evangelique, C.B.C.O – Kikongo

Centre Hospitalier, C.B.C.O – Kintambo

Hopital Evangelique, C.B.C.O – Kipata – Kitika

Hopital Evangelique, C.B.C.O – Vanga

Hopital C.B.C.O.- Nselo

Hopital C.B.C.O.- Moanza

Hopital C.B.C.O.- Sala

Hopital C.B.C.O.- Nsona Mpangu

Institut Medical Evangelique (I.M.E.), Kimpese