| STEP – Romania

This project funds the Obed Day Center with classroom supplies, snacks, and more as provide schooling and programs for Roma gypsy children.

| STEP – Mexico, Tijuana

The Student Tuition Expense Program (STEP) will provide scholarship funds to assist children with financial need and children with disabilities.

| STEP – General

The Student Tuition Expense Program helps children all over the world with books, tuition, school supplies, uniforms and more so that they can attend school.

| STEP – Dominican Republic, School Lunch and Supplies

Thanks to STEP, the children of Haitians working the sugarcane fields in the Dominican Republic can get an education.

| STEP – China

This project will enable 100 orphaned children in China to get an education.

| STEP – Africa, Children of Peace

The Student Tuition Expense Program covers tuition and school supplies for 524 African children impacted by war and conflict.