April 10, 2018 STEP – General
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Education Education
GoalThe goal of the Student Tuition Expense Program is enable students in K-12 get an education.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $80,000 to help provide education and vocational training for children and young adults in 18 different countries.
DescriptionChildren all over the world are in need of supplies so that they can attend school. Basic education helps reduce child labor, improve health, empower local economies and enable people to read, make informed spiritual commitments and exercise leadership in their churches and communities. The Student Tuition Expense Program (STEP) helps with expenses such as books, tuition, recreational and sports equipment, transportation, uniforms, healthy lunches and snacks, stipends for teachers and classroom supplies. The purpose of this project is to make it possible for children and young adults, regardless of their means and backgrounds, to get the education and training they need to break the cycle of poverty and strengthen their communities.
Suggested Gifts$100 pays for one semester of middle school. $250 purchases a year’s worth of supplies for one classroom. $500 pays for tuition, transportation and healthy snacks for three students for one semester.
Prayer RequestsPlease pray with IM and our global partners that children and young adults around the world would be able to receive education and training to lift themselves and their communities out of poverty and vulnerable situations.
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