Posted on January 22, 2023 Support Global Mission From Anywhere
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It has been the trend historically that ongoing financial support for global mission has come largely from the west and we are grateful for the generosity of those churches and individuals. Of course there are nuances to this conversation but by and large their giving brought blessings to them and to the recipients of their generous giving.

Some of the recipients who are now immigrants living in the west are forsaking the attractiveness of living in these countries and are trying to join God in global mission. In this paradigmatic shift of immigrant missionaries, it is encouraging when support is received from non-western countries. This past week I had an encouraging experience that reflected this trend.

Earlier this week, I received a call from a family member from South Africa asking how he and his wife can support me in my calling to serve as a global servant with International Ministries. Today, I received another call from South Africa about their interest in supporting this ministry. I was so touched by this as I know the local currency/dollar exchange rate is high. I was very touched by their commitment of support and did not want to discourage their experience of participating in this global mission. So I provided the details they needed to support my ministry.

The next day, I looked up on Donor Elf, a web based program that International Ministries provides to all global servants which helps keep track of support. I was so blessed to see a name from South Africa. This person and his wife committed a monthly gift to International Ministries in support of the ministry God has called me to.

If you are in a country outside of the USA and would like to support International Ministries Global Mission and in particular my calling to serve as a global servant in theological education, below is the link and QR code to do this. As an international, you can use your credit card and securely make an annual contribution.

For South Africans, if you contribute an annual amount of R1050 this will be R87.50 pm and that converts to about $5 per month. I will be honored to have support from friends and family from the global community. 

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