Posted on August 16, 2023 Spring and Summer Updates
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With a member of my MPT, Wendy Bernhard at IM’s Mission Dinner at the ABC Biennial Mission Summit in Puerto Rico

Summer is almost over. For many, this season provided opportunities for vacation, road trips, barbecues and so much more. I am a summer person, and so I am a little bit sad that this season is coming to an end. But happy that it will come around again next year and every year. In looking back at this summer and late spring, as far as my networking efforts were concerned, I had the wonderful opportunity to engage with individuals, families locally and abroad, seminarians, professors, mission committees and churches. Below is an update:









Preparing to share at City Line’s Mission Team Meeting





I am grateful for the opportunities to share God’s call upon my life to serve as a global servant with IM. As the next season approaches, I am trusting God for His provision and grace and I look forward to reaching my goal of 100% pledged support so that I can ministry.

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Recording a promotional video in New York