Posted on October 19, 2019 Pray for the people of Haiti facing great unrest and for our global servants Kihomi Ngwemi and Mabudiga Nzunga who are in country

(Brian and Lynette Smith and Nancy and Steve James are presently in the United States.) 

Serious Civil unrest has once again disrupted life in Haiti.(read about it at 

Kihomi and Nzunga serve as a vital link between International Ministries and the Haitian Baptist Convention. They preach in churches and serve through a variety of ministries. Nzunga teaches theology at the Christian University of Northern Haiti, trains assistant professors and administers a scholarship program for elementary- through university-age students. He manages the goat and pig projects for children, the clean water project for communities and the Cap-Haitian Eye Clinic. Kihomi works in counseling, women’s health, community health evangelism and economic development. She coordinates and advises the women’s association of the convention, representing women of all the Baptist denominations of Haiti at international conferences.  

Nzunga writes – MONDAY UPDATE – Dear Loved ones. We are living in a country with so many small Republics. 3 miles down the street in the city of Limbe everything was dead. Not even a motorcycle could pass the barricades

At our university everything was normal. Classes went on as usual. Monday is my teaching busiest day. My last class ends at     6 pm. We have a hard rain showers our region.
Some students told me that they had to walk on foot to get to the university campus.

In Cap Haitian things were closed. 5 patients showed up early at the eye clinic but no doctor to check on them. They returned on foot where they came from.Mama Kihomi checked with Sister Wlliene in south in Darbone & Leogane. There things were calm and life went on as always.

Now this crisis with so much rain we are having, will create famine and many sick people will eventually die.Mama Kihomi has been talking to some students and when we get the whole picture, we will update you. 

A prayer for Haiti 

Father we pray for your peace for Haiti. We pray that no more children would be injured by the violence. We pray for a swift resolution that will bring stability and security. We ask that this nation would know your justice and hope. In Jesus’ mighty name we pray. Amen