Posted on September 6, 2019 Pray for Stacy and Tim Reese endorsed to serve in discipleship and community development in Haiti.

Stacy and Tim will serve with IM partner in Haiti the Christian Association for Spreading the Gospel and Economic and Health Development. They are both passionate about discipleship through artistic expression. Stacy will serve alongside women cooperatives in building relationships, retail management, mentoring and education. Tim has a background in marketing and will collaborate with church and local business leaders to help maximize their potential by encouraging innovation, business development and fellowship. 

They write – It’s that time of year: the kids have returned to school and the days don’t seem quite as long. Pumpkin-spiced everything is upon us. Here in northeast Ohio, the leaves are already beginning to change, painting the trees in strokes of orange, yellow, and red. As we leave summer behind and look towards the arrival of fall, we’re reminded that amidst all these changes God is constant. 

Things may not always look the same. Our circumstances surely change. We, as people, certainly change. Sometimes we might feel barren and leafless, trapped in the grasp of winter’s bitter chill. Other times, we might see new growth sprout and blossom into blessings and opportunities like dew-laden flowers in spring. Even so, God is constant. When the water is calm, when the waves crash; God is constant. We know that no matter what season of life, no matter what comes our way, Jesus Christ remains the same (Hebrews 13:8).   What an assurance we have in that knowledge.