Posted on February 6, 2020 Pray for Ryan Baumgart serving Christ in Japan by reaching out to young people in the areas of discipleship and education.

As a high school educator in Japan at Okinawa Christian School International, Ryan teaches courses in Old Testament, New Testament, apologetics and biblical applications. With a passion for sharing his faith in any situation, whether in or out of the classroom, he believes that the cultures, values, ideas and personalities of each student have value, and his goal is to help his students refine these with an understanding of biblical truth. 

He writes – At the current time, my biggest prayer is to continually be an effective witness to my students. We are in the mid-year slump, during which it feels a bit like we are wading through the mire. If you would not mind praying for continued endurance for the school year that would be excellent. Additionally, I am pursuing my Master’s degree currently, which takes an exhaustive amount of time and concentration. But the Lord has been faithful in sustaining me in spite of my weakness, if only creating long weeks.