Posted on August 21, 2019 Pray for Ryan Baumgart newly appointed Associate Global Servant, serving as a high school educator in Japan at Okinawa Christian School International.

Ryan teaches courses in Old Testament, New Testament, apologetics and biblical applications. With a passion for sharing his faith in any situation, whether in or out of the classroom, he believes that the cultures, values, ideas and personalities of each student have value, and his goal is to help his students maximize these with an understanding of biblical truth.

Ryan believes that his transition from a short-term volunteer to an IM associate global servant is a natural progression and an affirmation of the work that the Lord continues to accomplish in and through him.  He says, “I deeply appreciate IM for inviting me to join the IM family. I am most grateful to be a part of this ministry that played a large role in my progression to the mission field. From the first contact to the official appointment, IM has always given me the freedom to minister in the culture and capacity that the Lord presents.”

“I am very thankful that Ryan is teaching at OCSI where I served for many years,” says the Rev. Leslie Turley, IM area director for Southeast Asia and Japan. “He is in the right place as his heart’s desire is to share the gospel in a multi-cultural environment with students from many different religious understandings and backgrounds. Ryan first learned about OCSI after he contacted the IM Short-Term Mission office and shared about his desire to serve. After a conversation about possible opportunities, Ryan began researching OCSI and ultimately made the decision to apply and eventually be hired.”

When asked about his approach to Christian education within the Japanese culture, Ryan replied, “Many people establish their biblical understanding from popular authors, good speakers and resource-based material. In my classes, we use Scripture. I firmly believe that Scripture alone is sufficient. Its source and author is the one who gives life. This is what my students receive when they enter my class: God’s Word from God’s Word.”

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