Posted on February 28, 2019 Pray for Peter and Sarah McCurdy serving pastors and those pursuing a call to ministry and their families in Costa Rica

Peter and Sarah serve in Costa Rica at the invitation of the Federation of Baptists of Costa Rica, a partner of IM. Peter’s ministry focus is spiritual renewal and spiritual formation. He serves local pastors and seminary students, seeking to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them, their families and others pursuing a call to ministry. He will also extend his ministry into Cuba. Sarah, a former French teacher, is developing her role as an educator. Peter and Sarah’s hope is that, through their ministries, hearts and minds will be changed and people will grow into the image of Christ.

They write – Amidst cloudy and slightly chilly January temperatures, Peter spent a week in Philadelphia with a new cohort of students (a US cohort for the Palmer Theological Seminary Masters of Theology Latino/a Studies program). This is the one-week intensive that occurs before every course that Peter teachers on Spiritual Direction. This intensive week proved different in a variety of ways than any of the other intensive weeks. Many were moved to tears, allowed God to minister to the depths of their hearts and experienced His redemptive power. … During this intensive week, the tears that were shed were a gift from God.

First, Adalia Gutierrez Lee accompanied Peter this week and assisted as needed. It was an incredible blessing to be able to work with her for the first time where she observed Peter in action. … Later on that day, Adalia pulled Peter aside and said that he did an excellent job answering not only that question but did an excellent job of teaching the whole week. It was needed encouragement from The Lord through Adalia.

Secondly, the way Peter planned to teach the week, he was hoping the teachings would culminate at the end of the week with a heart transformation. Again, God proved himself evident as it was a powerful week of teaching and watching God work and move in the hearts and lives of the students. It was an impactful week for all who attended. The Holy Spirit moved many to tears and revealed areas in individual lives that needed the transformational touch that only God can do. Join us in praising God for His gift of tears and His redemptive power!

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