Posted on April 17, 2019 Pray for Peter and Sarah McCurdy ministering to pastors and their families in spiritual formation and training of Christian leaders in Costa Rica, Cuba and beyond.

Peter and Sarah McCurdy serve in Costa Rica at the invitation of the Federation of Baptists of Costa Rica, a partner of IM. Peter’s ministry focus is spiritual renewal and spiritual formation. He serves local pastors and seminary students, seeking to provide a safe and nurturing environment for them, their families and others pursuing a call to ministry. He will also extend his ministry into Cuba. Sarah, a former French teacher, is developing her role as an educator. Peter and Sarah’s hope is that, through their ministries, hearts and minds will be changed and people will grow into the image of Christ.

They write – In March, Peter went to Bolivia for another intensive week for the MTS Latin@ ministries program of Palmer Seminary. Peter & Mercy met with a new group of students and the Holy Spirit moved in mighty ways in the hearts of everyone who was there. Below, is a translated testimony of one of the students (Sharing with permission):

“I believe that the matter of spiritual formation is the basis of all the subjects that we take in the master’s program. It allows me to form the acquired knowledge, based on my spiritual development and gives me a space to be intimately closer to God.

“We can be in the church for years, as in my case. I was born in a Christian family, all my life I have been in the church. But, during this intensive week, I realized that it has not always meant that I have always been in the presence of God. I was in charge of the things of the church, of the administration in my capacity as leader. But, I realized that the decisions I made in the church and in my home were subject to my human capacity and not as a result of my relationship with GOD. How I’m more concerned with the things that happen in the church and not with my relationship with God.

When I enrolled in the master’s program, I thought it would be very academic. But I find myself in a program that isn’t just academic but it also confronts me with where I am at spiritually, with my reality; my fears, my sins, my traumas that are still a part of my life. What cheers me up and makes me happy is knowing that Christ already paid for it. That God has the power to transform my life. I am in process and I thank God, this intensive week I was able to identify these flaws in my spiritual life. Now it is time to enter into that process with God to transform me and to cleanse me of what hold me backs so that I can have a life according to the heart of God.”

WOW, isn’t our God awesome?! We pray that testimony is as much of an encouragement to you as it has been to us. God has the power to speak to the depths of our hearts and the replace misconceptions with HIS truth.

Join us in praising God for open hearts to hear His revealed Word and allow it to transform!