Posted on February 21, 2018 Pray for Kihomi Ngwemi and Nzunga Mabudiga serving the people of Haiti through a variety of ministries in the name of Jesus.

Kihomi and Nzunga serve as a vital link between International Ministries and the Haitian Baptist Convention. They both visit and preach in churches and serve through a variety of ministries. Nzunga teaches theology at the Christian University of Northern Haiti, trains assistant professors in teaching and administers a scholarship program for elementary, high school and university students. He manages two projects: the goat and pig project for children and the clean water project for communities. He also administers the Cap-Haitian Eye Clinic. Kihomi works with families in the areas of counseling, women’s health, Community Health Evangelism and economic development. She also coordinates and advises the women’s association of the Haitian Baptist Convention, representing women of all the Baptist denominations of Haiti at international conferences

They write – Greeting from our beloved Island of Haiti. What can a pickup truck do for a missionary in a poor country like Haiti? Besides providing the missionary with a sure transport means, a pickup can become a hearse to take loved ones to their resting place, the cemetery.

This Tuesday February 13, 2018 we had to take our beloved motorcycle driver Dennis Jean Jacques to his resting place. Dennis was a young man of 35 years old from our village but not a member of our Haut-Limbe Baptist Church.

According to the deep-rooted belief and theology in this community, those who are not members of any church will not have a dignified funeral service in the church. Their last funeral service will be conducted by a good will deacon in a classroom or in what is called Cine, a theatre. And this deacon will preach but will not go to the cemetery because the person was not a convert.

In preaching for such a non-believer person, you can easily tell and hear the condemnation of the preacher. At the end, it becomes so easy to conclude that those in church no matter their hearts and their actions, they are already the saved ones. There is no salvation outside our church.

You can understand why some people become members of a church.  Not to have your funeral service in the church is a big shame to the rest of the family members. One has to do all in his power to join a church so that the family members will not have to face the shame and the harsh condemnation of the society.

Besides not being a church member, Dennis was a very good and polite young man that we knew as a boy when we came to Haiti. He served everybody with his motorcycle service. He was sick for a long time and the poor family really needed transportation to the cemetery. This is how we show our love, how we support the poor and how we win the hearts and the souls of our people. This is how we preach by words and by deeds.

Please be praying for us as we cry and rejoice with those crying and rejoicing.