Posted on May 8, 2020 Pray for Katrina and Kyle Williams training and supporting Southeast Asian leaders who are seeking to build bridges across tribal lines in the Mekong region of Thailand

Using state-of-the-art techniques, these men and women are combating human trafficking which affects so many ethnic minorities. In partnership, they will seek to point towards God’s kingdom where captives are set free as they strengthen human rights and dignity in the area. 

Kyle writes – I have been thinking a lot about cycles. Not the ones you ride on but those that you partake in. Birth and death, the coming and goings of the tide, the thawing of frozen land giving way to cherry blossoms. 

Easter just recently passed us as a major milestone in our Christian calendar cycle. The tidal flow of these events continue with or without our acknowledgment. But it is our acknowledgment that creates in them something meaningful, something Holy within us. So, I want to stop and acknowledge this beautiful moment. 

My favorite event marking our seasonal calendar in the tropics is the first major rain after dry season. Today it came! 

The last few weeks I have noticed trees and plants looking closer to dying as the dry season was in its final stages. Death seamed on the door step for much of the vegetation. The bamboo trees had gone pale, many of the plants were shriveling. Then today, the wind came bringing with it our first major rain since August. Death seemed so close then came this life giving gift from above. 

As the world experiences an event not part of the normal ebb and flow of life, many of us are thrown off. I don’t know exactly what to do with this new normal. I know I am not alone. For many, fears of sickness, death, or financial hardships are real.  This moment is even a little scary. People seem confused about what is the best way forward, and rightfully so.  This moment is dry. 

But, I believe in resurrection, I put my hope in Jesus who is love for Creation (full stop).  I believe Jesus is able to bring life, even to dry bones. 

So today I pray for healing rain to fall on all the earth. Jesus, heal our fears, heal our insecurities that cause us to lash out and blame others, heal our dry bones.