Posted on September 17, 2018 Pray for Gordon and LeeAnn Hwang reaching young people and serving churches in Japan.
Hwang family 2016

Gordon and Lee Ann are serving in Yokohama, Japan. Gordon exercises gifts of service and hospitality. He hosts a weekly fellowship meeting in their home. Lee Ann works full-time as an English conversation teacher for junior and senior high students at Soshin Girls’ School. She also has opportunities to make connections with students in two clubs, through the foreign exchange programs, speaking in chapel and with their home-fellowship meetings. Gordon and Lee Ann continue to visit and encourage pastors ministering to survivors of the 2011 earthquake disaster in Tohoku (Northeast Japan).

They write – K accepted Jesus at JEMS Warm Beach camp! We met K’s family at the Nokendai Fellowship in Japan. We attend once a month. He and his brother both have been to the US during one of our summer trips. This was K’s second visit to Seattle and first time to the JEMS Warm Beach Conference. During the whole camp, he was wrestling with Jesus. The last meeting is a combined camp communion service. Right before the service, Gordon prayed with him against the fear of failing to follow through with a commitment to Jesus. We witnessed his submission to Christ as he prayed to accept Jesus during communion.
Right after K accepted Jesus, another camper from the Japanese speaking camp also accepted Christ! We were so excited to be witnesses!

Miss Y from Soshin School moved to Seattle with her family in August. We had 3 chances to meet them! The first time, they visited us at Japanese Baptist Church. Another time was with her English Conversation teacher (my co-worker!) who also happened to be in Seattle. The third time was to invite them to a BBQ at our host family’s house with the O family from our church in Japan. The O’s moved from Japan to Seattle 3 summers ago. The father of the student is working for the same company in Seattle as Mr. O. Already, our host family has invited them all back to spend Thanksgiving together! Please pray for the salvation of Miss Y and her family!

Prayer requests

*Lee’s Chapel msgs: 9/20,10/16, 11/12, 12/11. *Gordon sermon 9/30. *swim meet 9/11, school festival 9/22-24. *Naomi in Tokyo Sept, Oct.

*Chat club spiritual bridges. *Friday fellowship. *Volunteers to help with English conversation in June.

*Please pray for Lee’s cousin, Mitzi is recovering from an auto accident. She was thrown clear of the car and miraculously suffered no head injury or broken bones!


Lee Ann’s aunt and cousin successfully moved into a care unit. Lee was able to help a little with packing.
We were also amazed at God’s provision for our good friends. They were able to move into retirement housing while we were in Seattle! We were able to provide a little help with settling in. Please pray for God’s blessing on all their adjustments.